Google Docs

Coordinator: - Deborah Martin               3 Weeks    Cost $35.00


The aim of the course is to assist the student to become proficient in the use of Google Docs.

Course Description

Google Docs is a web-based word processing application provided free of charge by Google and was first launched in 2006. Google Docs can be used instead of Microsoft Word.

Use Google Docs to: -

This course will cover how to use Google Docs from your computer or laptop. Once you know how to use Google Docs on a computer or laptop it should be relatively simple to also preform most of the tasks on your tablet or smartphone. However, some of the features may be limited.

Google Docs is accessible by opening a Google Account. If you already have a Gmail Account, that is your Google Account.

Once you open a Google Account you are then able to access Google Drive, Google Docs plus other Google Services such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Photos etc. To use Google Docs it is necessary to also use Google Drive


 This course will cover: -


Students require a reasonable degree of computer skills including the use of MS Word or other word processing programs. If the student doesn't have a Google Account (Gmail address), they will be assisted in creating one at the beginning of the course. However if a student does have a Google Account, i.e. has a Gmail email address, they must know their Google Password.


Three (3) training sessions of up to three (3) hours usually one session a week.

Training is on a one-on -one basis of one student to one trainer.

A course manual is provided.