Google Chrome

Coordinator : Club Office :                 2 Weeks            Cost $30


The Aim of this course is to teach the student how to set up Chrome and its features, using a PC or Laptop. It will give the student the ability to use Chrome and its features on other devices including tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks if required. 

Course Description

Most people perform their computing on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone or a combination of these devices. In the past data was mainly stored on these devices, however with advances in technology there is now another option which is Cloud Computing.

With Cloud Computing data is stored remotely in "The Cloud" and applications are also accessed and run in the cloud. You can access the cloud via a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also have access through a device specifically made for the purpose such as a Chromebook.

In the personal computing space, Google is the most popular cloud services provider. There are many Google applications available in the cloud including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Photos. The facility is used extensively by individuals and education institutions. 

The window  through which Google provides access into this cloud is their web browser, which is called Google Chrome.


The course will cover topics such as: -


Students must have a Google account i.e., have a Gmail email address and know their Google Password.

Duration and Training Method

Two (2) training sessions of up to three (3) hours usually one session a week.

Training is on a one-on-one basis of one student to one trainer.

A course Manual is provided.