Internet & Cloud Computing

Coordinator : Bev Garrard : 4 Weeks : Cost $30


To learn some of the history behind the Internet, the basic structure and terminology. The purpose of Internet Service Providers, the services they offer and how the Internet is delivered to the home. Look at the difference bewteen dedicated PCs and Cloud based Internet services.

Course Description

This course starts with Internet basics and follows its development over time towards the current Cloud Computing architecture. It looks at many of the common Internet services including browsing, email, social networks, shopping and sharing data. Mobile phones, tablets and Chromebooks are also covered in this informative course that relies on plenty of questions from the students. There are no hands on exercises in the course.


The course will cover topics such as: -

  • Internet history and basic understanding

  • Internet Service Providers and Internet Plans

  • Internet access options including hardware

  • Home Networks including home Wi-Fi and security

  • Dedicated PCs versus Cloud Computing architecture

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each architecture

  • Email systems POP3, IMAP4/Web including pros & cons

  • Internet browsers & browser synchronisation

  • Browser settings and sign-in precautions

  • Browser extensions and other features

  • Cloud based personal data storage options

  • Creating, uploading and sharing data

  • Cloud based office suites & other services

  • Social networks – Facebook , Google+ etc

  • Chromebooks, tablets & smartphones

  • Tablet & smartphones Internet connections

  • Tablet & smartphone applications (apps)

  • Finance & shopping precautions

  • Social network precautions


Completion of Basic Windows training is a pre-requisite for this course.

Duration and Training Method

Four half day sessions conducted in a class format with no hands on activity.

Course Notes are provided.