Some Courses are conducted with classes up to 12 students, and some courses are held one-on-one i.e., one trainer to one Student. Courses are generally held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and run from 1 to 5 weeks. Please click on the course title to get more information about the course contents.

There are pre-requisites for some courses, please check with the Course Coordinator or the Course Presenter,

Course Presenter   Wks Cost   Coordinator

Basic Windows                                                       Various                                           5                                         $35                                         Sandra Self

Files and Folders                                                                                Various   1                                           $0                                            Sandra Self

MS Word                                                     Various                                           4-5                         $35                   Sandra Self

MS Excel                                                     Various                                         4                                         $35                           Sandra Self

Google Chrome                                             Various                                             2                         $30                           Club Office

Gmail                                                             Various                                               2                         $35                     Deborah Martin

Google Docs     Various   3                                            $35                                          Deborah Martin     

Google Calendar                                             Various.                                               1                         $20                     Bev Garrard

Photobooks                                             Leigh Britton                                   2                         $30                     Leigh Britton

Internet & Cloud Computing                                                    Peter Fowler                                   4                         $30                     Bev Garrard

PC Care & Maintenance                                             Peter Fowler                                   3                         $30                     Beverley Owen

Data Backups                             Peter Fowler                                   1                         $15                     Beverley Owen

Password Managers                                             Peter Fowler                                   1                         $15                     Beverley Owen

Smartphones & Tablets Basics                             Gordon Griffiths                                   3                         $35                     Yvonne McJannett

Smart Devices - Photos                                             Gordon Griffiths                                   1                         $15                     Graham Prior

Smart Devices - Maps                                             Gordon Griffiths                                   1                         $15                     Graham Prior

Smart Devices - Security                                                     Gordon Griffiths                                   1                         $15                     Graham Prior

Apple iMac                                                                                           Various                                                         3                                            $30                                           Graham Prior

myGov                                                                                                    Various                                                             1                                            $15                                           Gordon Griffiths

Photo Presentation Course                                                     Barbara Browne   1                                            $20                                            Barbara Browne    

Workshops/ Discussion groups

Andriod Smart Devices  Community Club                     Deborah Martin                                   1                             $5                             Deborah Martin

Apple Smart Devices Community Club                              Deborah Martin                                          1                                           $5                                              Deborah Martin

Family History Group                             Barbara Browne                                   1                         $5                             Barbara Browne

There is a manual or handout supplied for most of the courses.

Experienced Senior Trainer Presenters demonstrate each topic followed by “hands on” by the Students on the Club’s computers and guided by Assistant Trainers. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, a notebook and a wish to learn. We provide the rest. You are invited to join other Members and Trainers for a tea break when attending the Club for your lessons.

Booking Courses

Courses are on a Pay-in-Advance basis where the Course Coordinator announces that a specific Optional Course will be run on certain dates/times. All members who have registered interest in attending this course are notified via email. Places on the course are allocated on a “first come” basis as notified members book and pay for their place on the course at the Club Office or online. You can register interest for any of these courses by sending an email to or by following the instructions on the Course clipboards located on the wall in the corridor outside the Kitchen. Registration is also available at the Monthly Meetings. A summary of each course is attached to its clipboard and is also available by clicking on the titles above which are underlined and coloured blue.