MS Word

Coordinator: - Sandra Self 4-5 weeks Cost $35


The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the features of MS Word and to assist the student in developing their word processing skill levels.

Course Description

MS Word is a word processing program offered by Microsoft. Word processing covers any type of written and formatted document which can be produced on a computer.

It includes everything from short messages of a couple of sentences through to things like leaflets, newsletters, etc. to complete books.

As word processing is more about formatting and editing the text rather than the actual typing of it, all of the lesson material is provided and will be copied to your flash drive at the beginning of the first lesson to enable you to work on the material during the lesson sessions and at home.


The Course will cover a range of topics including: -

  • Creating, saving and editing files

  • Moving around the document using mouse and keyboard

  • Editing and formatting text and paragraphs

  • Page formatting, adding page numbers

  • Undo and redo function

  • Using Format Painter, setting tabs, checking spelling

  • Inserting characters, bullets and numbering

  • Finding and replacing text


Must have completed Basic Windows course successfully or successfully completed skills assesment at the time of joining the club.

Duration and Training Method

4-5 training sessions of up to two (2) hours duration once a week over 4-5 weeks.

Training is on a one-on-one basis, i.e. one trainer to one student.