Training Timetable

Training for Computer Basics and Optional Courses is continuous through the year except for the period between mid December and end of January. Otherwise there are no specific Semesters or Terms.

Becoming a Trainer

Many of the Computer Pals’ Trainers were once students who, having completed the Computer Basics courses, offered their services as Trainers. These individuals are put through some additional training (free) and become Trainee Trainers for a while until they feel confident enough to start training others on their own.

Payment Methods

Fees are accepted by Credit Card, Online Payment, Cheque (made payable to 'Computer Pals for Seniors') or Cash. For Cash payments, no change is available on the premises so please tender the correct amount.

Membership Year

The Membership year for Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills starts 1st July and ends in 30th June.

ASCCA Membership

If you are a financial member of Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills then you are also a member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA). We pay an affiliation fee to ASCCA each year. Our members may access the ASCCA website and enter the “Members Only” area with a password. This password can be obtained from any member of the Committee. Please browse the ASCCA website regularly. It is a source of knowledge and interesting information and will keep you informed about the activities of other member Clubs of ASCCA. You are welcome to attend all ASCCA meetings.