Computer Basics

Computer Basics

All members joining the club must complete our mandatory Basic Windows program. However, if you already have some experience in using computers you may elect to have your competence assessed prior to joining this program and depending on the result of the assessment, the requirement of completing these courses may be waived. You must have Computer Basics skills before you can enrol in some of the other Courses we offer.

 Please see Basic Windows for more information about the contents of the Basic Windows course.

Note that part completion of the Basic Windows course may be sufficient to commence the Internet, Email and Cloud Computing courses, if you are really keen to get started on the other Courses. However, this is only permitted on the basis that the member continues to attend Basic Windows training.

Basic Windows is taught on a one-on-one (one Trainer to one Student) basis working at your own pace. These training sessions are 2 hours (with a tea/coffee break) each week until you complete the program. The faster you work, the sooner you will be able to select your choice of the many other courses available. Nominally 5 - 6 weeks are allowed for students to complete Basic Windows. Currently one-on-one training is offered on Tuesday afternoons. You will be asked to commit to attending regularly each week for the duration of the course.

Note that, depending on demand for training, there may be a short waiting period before starting your one-on-one Basics Windows course.


Apple Computer training is taught on a one-on-one (one trainer to one student) basis for members who wish to learn the basics of the Apple iMac system.

Learn how to setup and find your way around an Apple computer: -  Cost $35..

Register your interest by sending an email to: -