Data Backups

Coordinator : Beverley Owen : 1 Week : Cost $15


The aim of this course is to learn how to backup the information your PC. The student will learn about several methods including the use of commercial software programs that will facilitate the process.

Course Description

This course covers various methods for backing up a user's personal data on a PC. It also covers the use of commercial software products (free and otherwise) to create a full image of a PC's contents such that the full image can be reloaded should anything go drastically wrong with the host PC. This not a hands on course.


The course will cover topics such as: -

  • What is a Backup

  • Why make a Backup

  • Where to Backup

  • How often to Backup

  • How to Backup

Acronis True Image

  • Benefits

  • Products

  • Versions

  • Settings

Free Macrium Reflect

  • Benefits

  • Products

  • Settings


There are no pre-requisites.

Duration and Training Method

One half day session conducted in a class format with no hands on activity.

Course Notes are provided.