Basic Windows

Coordinator : Sandra Self : 5-6 Weeks Cost $35

5 Refresher Basic Lessons $20


This course is aimed at the student who has either limited or no computer knowledge. Completion of this course will enable the student to continue to build their computer literacy by enrolling in the other courses on offer by Computer Pals for Seniors.

All members joining the club must have basic computer skills before they can enrol in many of the courses on offer. An assessment of your skills will be made at the time of applying for membership and, if necessary, you will be required to complete the Computer Basics course.

An exception to the above requirement would apply to the Tablet and Smartphone courses and pehaps, Google Chrome, Google Gmail and Google Calendar courses.

Course Description

At Computer Pals, all of our computer training is on Windows computers (currently MIcrosoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems). The Computer Basics course provides a thorough grounding in the essential skills required to get the student started with using a Windows Computer.


Topics covered in this course are: -

  • Basics. Covering what is a computer, understanding the Start Menu, mouse and keyboard skills and learning about external storage devices (flash drives).

  • Word Processing. Learning how to create and edit documents.

  • Understanding Files and Folders. In order to become computer literate, it is essential that you have a good level of understanding of File Management. This is a critical skill which is important in filing and finding documents and photographs.

  • Internet and Email. Learning about the World Wide Web, browsing the Web and learning how to use Email.


Nothing except for a willingness to learn.

Duration and Training Method

Computer Basics is taught on a one-on-one basis. That is, one trainer to one student working at their own pace. These training sessions are two (2) hours duration with a tea/coffee break each week until you complete the programme. Normally 5-6 weeks are allowed for students to complete the Computer Basics course. Currently, Computer Basics is offered on Tuesday afternoon. You will need to commit to attending regularly each week.

NOTE: Depending on the demand for training, there might be a short wait before starting your one-on-one Computer Basics Course.