Password Managers

Coordinator : Beverley Owen : 1 Week : Cost $15


The two aims of this course are learn about Password Managers and to understand the importance of Two Factor Authentication.

Course Description

This course spends the first 2/3 of the time on Password Managers and the last 1/3 on the importance of two Factor Authentication. By the end of the class, students should be able to install and use the KeePass Password Manager on their desktop or laptop PC. Students should also have a basic knowledge of Two Factor Authentication and why it is so important for increased security.


The course will cover topics such as: -

Password Managers:

  • Why you need a Password Manager

  • Everyone has too many username/passwords

  • Need to avoid bad username/password habits

  • Securely access any number of usernames/passwords

  • Insert your username/passwords directly

  • Options for Password Managers

  • Installed application (free or buy)

  • Cloud based applications

  • Open Source vs Proprietary

  • We will use free KeePass as our example

  • Downloading, installing & setting up KeePass

  • Using on a desktop or laptop

  • Using on a tablet or smartphone

Two Factor Authentication:

  • Why you need Two Factor Authentication

  • Username/passwords are becoming less secure

  • Leading to account hijacking and identity theft

  • Particularly for logging into your key websites

  • Banks are looking for increased security

  • Google, Microsoft, Facebook the same

  • Authentication options available

  • Something you know (password)

  • Something you have (code generating device)

  • Something you are (face, iris, fingerprint)

  • Two Factor Authentication requires any two of these

  • We will use Google as our example

  • How to set up Two Factor Authentication

  • Making it as simple as possible to use


There are no pre-requisites.

Duration and Training Method

One half day session conducted in a class format with some hands on activity.

Course Notes are provided.