Coordinator : Deborah Martin :             2 Weeks              Cost $35


The aim of this course is to assist the student to become proficient in the use of Gmail.

Course Description

Gmail is Google's cloud-based email service. Emails are stored in the cloud and not on your computer or other mobile devices. Because of this, all of your emails are available anytime and anywhere on any device.

Google provides 15GB of free storage shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Your emails will use up a small amount of storage space including those in the Bin and Spam.


This Course will cover: -


Students should have some basic computer skills. If the student doesn't have a Google Account (Gmail address), they will be assisted in creating one at the beginning of the course. However, if a student does have a Google account i..e., have a Gmail email address, they must know their Google Password.

Duration and Training Method

Two (2) training sessions of up to three (3) hours usually one session a week.

Training is on a one-on-one basis of one student to one trainer.

A course Manual is provided.