Android and Apple Smart Devices Google Maps

Coordinator : Graham Prior : 3 Hours Cost $15


This course is to introduce the Computer Pals for Seniors the Hills - student member to the basics of the different Maps Apps, and the integrated function of Google Maps App.

Course Description

The Maps Apps include, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Google Lens and the syncing of Google Photos through Google Maps Timeline.

How to use voice control and hands free on a smartphone.

Included are basics of Waze Maps App. Android Auto Maps, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Formatting the Google Maps App, learning the function of the modes used in travelling, how to find or plan destinations and services nearby and your timeline in maps.

How to download a map, use offline and the function of smart device and its GPS.

Understanding how Google Assistant, AI Voice Assistant and hands free directions work.

The function of Google Lens landmark recognition, translating and voice directions.


Must have successfully completed an Android or Apple Basics attended once a week for three (3) hours duration over three (3) weeks.




Graham Prior