MS Excel

Coordinator: Sandra Self 4 Weeks Cost $35


The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the basic features of MS Excel.

Course Description

Microsoft Excel is probably the most used and recognised spreadsheet program in use today. Although it is mainly used in business applications, it can be used for a variety of social or personal tasks such as keeping membership records, doing the club's books, creating rosters, preparing household budgets, keeping track of your investments and many more tasks.


The course provides a basic introduction to MS Excel and teaches you how to: -

  • Format and sort data in a variety of ways.

  • Create charts using statistical data.

  • Track the performance of a basic share portfolio.


Must have completed Basic Windows course successfully or, successfully completed skills assessment at the time of joining the club.

It is recommended that you bring a "flash drive" to the course so you can save and work on the exercises on your home computer.

Duration and Training method

Four (4) training sessions of up to two (2) hours duration usually once a week over 4 weeks.

Training is on a one-on-one basis, i.e., one trainer to one student.